The Airedale Terrier Health Fund



The Airedale Terrier Health Fund was formed in April 2004. The Fund was set up as result of Mrs Pamela Cross-Sterns very generous donation of breed memorabilia at the Millennium celebrations 'Bingley 2000'. It was Pamela's wish that the money should go to Airedale welfare, and so the Health Fund was born. The supporting Breed Clubs also donated funds from this very successful event. This money has been held by the Breed Council up to the time the Committee was formed.

The Fund has three signatories Mrs Mary Swash, Mrs Beryl McCallum and Mr John Hicks, they act as trustees. A committee has been formed from the supporting Breed Clubs who administer the fund, and Health Co-ordinator Mrs Christine Keay.






The Health Co- ordinators role is to collect data provided by individual owners and breeders (this information remains strictly confidential), to liase with the scientific community and keep abreast of developments and inform the committee of any relevant changes, if necessary we can agree funds to investigate.


At present we have few areas that give concern, but this situation can change at any time. It is important that as a breed we are not only doing everything possible to breed the healthiest dogs, but are seen to be doing so.



Report a health concern


Report the death of a dog


Request a swab kit

Mrs Pamela Cross-Stern judge at the NATA Championship Show Bingley 2000